Year “2013” Prevention Highlights

Trainings/Workshops/Professional Development

SAFE I Trainings - Substance Abuse For Educators & NonViolent Schools Level l

SAFE II Trainings - Substance Abuse For Educators & NonViolent Schools Level II

DARE Trainings - Drug Abuse Resistance Education for LAPD/DARE International

STAAR Trainings - STudent Athletes At Risk - High School/College Athletic Programs

Steroids/Supplements/Street Drugs/Legal Drugs/Testing Policies

PAL® Camps - Peer Assistance Leadership Camps: Elementary, Junior/Sr. High Schools

25 years conducting 3/4 Day Overnight Camps @ Paradise Springs Camp

PAL® TeamWork Day Camps-One Day Leadership Programs @ Big Rock Ranch

U.S. Department of Education, Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP) Creator and presenter of “Building Bridges” training program with Dr. David Hawkins

New Release - DVD "Why Our Kids Are Getting Sicker - Quicker!"

FilmClips-Spirit of America-Fully Licensed Short Scenes from 80+ Major Motion Pictures for Character Education Development. 8-DVD’s with standards based curriculum guides.

Professional Development - Board of Behavioral Medicine Certification classes for M.D./Psychologists/MFT licensing, clinical supervision, addictive disorders treatment


STAFF DEVELOPMENT - Workshops on Conflict Resolution, Violence Prevention, Substance Abuse, Institutional Change, Resiliency/Assets and TeamBuilding

STUDENT PRESENTATIONS - Assemblies on ATOD, Resiliency & Gang Prevention

PARENT NIGHTS -” Evening For The Protection Of Youth” Spanish/English

RED RIBBON PRESENTATIONS- Dr. Bill Beacham, Alec Esparza, Jesse Soto-Span/.Eng.


U.S. OLYMPIC COMMITTEE - Psychological Performance/Drug Education/Testing

CALIF. ATTORNEY GENERAL - Methamphetamine Task Force

ADDICTION TREATMENT CARE - Inpatient/Outpatient/Day Treatment Program s

KEYNOTE ADDRESSES – International, National, State, and Local Conventions


TTURC – Transdisciplinary Tobacco Use Research Center @ UCI – Faculty